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The Need Is Critical. The Time Is Now. Courage Takes Root

The Marjaree Mason Center is on a transformative journey with launch of our Courage Takes Root campaign.

The Marjaree Mason Center has served as a safe haven for thousands—women, men, and children—providing solace and support as they escape unimaginable circumstances and strive for promising futures. While we are so thankful for the refuge the Center has offered, it's crucial to acknowledge that our current home, with its century-old headquarters and Crisis Response Center, falls short of meeting everyday needs.

The aging infrastructure urgently needs significant repairs, hindering its ability to serve its purpose fully. We consistently find ourselves overcapacity in safe housing and services, grappling with the challenges posed by the physical distance between our various sites. This results in an inability to provide the privacy and security everyone deserves during their healing process. The Center has valiantly coped with these challenges. Still, the time has come to turn the page and embark on a new chapter in a new home driven by three key factors: Capacity, accessibility, and safety.

The Center has secured a 5.57-acre property with a 37,680-square-foot building centrally located in Fresno. With a rich history as Queen of the Valley, a Catholic Girl's School, this facility has housed reputable institutions like New Life Christian School, Heald College, and most recently, The Milan Institute. However, the building is now over 60 years old and demands modernization to meet current building and operational standards.

The need is critical, and the new facility is essential for expanding capacity to address the growing demand for services in the community. It will enhance accessibility, ensuring that those seeking refuge from domestic violence can find support easily. Moreover, prioritizing safety, the modernization efforts will bring the facility up to today's standards, creating a secure haven for survivors on their journey to healing.

Though this project's inception was in 2018, the Marjaree Mason Center public announced the $20 million campaign goal during a press conference on November 1, 2023.

November 1-15, 2023, the Center called upon community members, businesses and organization to support the campaign to help adults and children escape domestic violence. Individuals, businesses or organizations that committed to contributing $2,500 or more during the challenge period (Nov 1-15), either by donating directly or by raising the funds in their own way (employees and customers via fundraising drives, donation matching, etc.) earned recognition benefits as Challenge Partners. Additionally, Lynda and Stewart Resnick, through The Wonderful Company, agreed to match up to $1 million donated through the November 1-15 campaign.

Several lead gift donors have also committed significant gifts towards the project's $20 Million goal.

The anticipated move in date is December 2024 and the community's support is still needed. Breaking the silence surrounding domestic violence requires collective action, and together, we can build a future where no one has to endure the pain and fear of domestic abuse. Stand with the Marjaree Mason Center as we strive to create a safer, stronger, and more resilient community for all.

Learn more or donate at and be a beacon of hope for those escaping domestic violence.

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