Stay Informed

Stay Informed

Creating a community free of domestic violence requires continual information sharing and dialogue. Stay connected with us through the information resources on this page and – please – share what you learn.

Domestic Violence & Children

Parents play a large role in a child’s physical, educational, and social-emotional development. An influential factor in all aspect of a child’s development is the quality and frequency of parent-child interactions. Children’s development depends heavily on positive emotional support and consistent and stable routine with a primary caregiver.

Children exposed to domestic violence face increased risk of abuse and neglect. Exposure to traumatic events in the home have, often negative, life-changing effects.

When the primary caregiver of a child is a victim of domestic violence they are more likely to form insecure attachments (i.e. love bonds) to parents; which are important given they provide children with a model for intimate relationships between peers and romantic partnerships in adulthood.

Dynamics in a household with domestic violence:

  • Control of family by one dominant member
  • Isolation
  • Protecting the “family secret”
  • Watching the abuse of a parent

How to end a generational cycle of violence:

Unfortunately, the cycle of domestic violence often continues. Exposure to violence produces prolonged stress that can permanently alter brain development and can have dramatic effects on physical, social-emotional, and educational development.

Don’t Accept Violence
Create loving and positive relationships with children that promote healthy development.

Recognize that Domestic Violence Hurts Children
Counseling helps children cope with their fears and feelings

Domestic Violence is Everyone’s Business
Call authorities for help, or reach out to a friend, family member, neighbor, or co-worker, or seek help from the Marjaree Mason Center.

Domestic violence has many significant effects on children that can hinder their development for the rest of their lives. It is necessary to keep children safe and away from any sort of domestic violence situation. If you and your family, or the family of a loved one is experiencing domestic violence call Marjaree Mason Center’s 24 hour confidential hotline at 559.233.HELP (4357).

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