What We Do

What We Do

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Marjaree Mason Center provides emergency and longer-term Safe Housing, along with a wide variety of support services for victims of domestic violence in Fresno County.

Education & Training

The Marjaree Mason Center offers a variety of education opportunities for those who have experienced domestic violence or for the community at large.

Domestic Violence Education Courses

Legal Options

The Legal Options Class is free and open to the community. This class can help walk clients through filling out a request for a Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order or a Gun Violence Restraining Order. The class also provides an overview of all the various types of restraining orders available, the criminal justice system, safety planning, and other services available to them. Click here to learn more.

Scheduled Classes

  • Thursdays - 10:00am

S.A.F.E. Group

S.A.F.E Group, which stands for Survivors of Abuse: Free and Empowered, is a free 12-week course covering domestic violence, with topics including (but not limited to) defining DV, understanding healthy relationships and the effects of DV on children. This course is held weekly at the Marjaree Mason Center Administration Building and meets court requirements for removing a restraining order. For more information call (559) 233-4357. Sessions are held at 1600 M Street in Fresno.

Scheduled Classes

  • Fridays - 10:30am - 12pm (English)


The course teaches our clients positive parenting techniques; how to promote healthy growing for their children; and discipline tactics for raising a healthy family. This course is for shelter clients only.

Life Skills

For clients staying at Marjaree Mason Center shelters, this Healthy Lifestyles course teaches the often overlooked skills in life like budgeting, time-management, job-hunting and interviewing, self-sufficiency, and self esteem. This course is for shelter clients only.

Expressions Through Art

This course promotes healing through the power of art. Women staying at the Marjaree Mason Center Emergency Shelter draw, sculpt, write, and practice other forms of art to help them express themselves and learn about healing. The shelter also hosts a similar art group for children. This course is for Safe House clients only.

The Training Institute

The Marjaree Mason Center Training Institute offers high-quality training provided by locally and nationally recognized experts in fields related to domestic violence. Training topics include: secondary trauma and self care for professionals, assessing and working with abusers, attachment disorder in victims and substance abuse in victims. Trainings are open to the public. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For additional information, please contact Jessica Sailor at JessicaS@mmcenter.org.

40-Hour Domestic Violence Counselor Training

Course Objective: To train state-certified domestic violence counselors serving Fresno County.

  • Meets CA Evidence Code 1037.1 for DV counselors
  • Expert speakers and professional setting

Topics Covered

  • History of domestic violence
  • Civil and criminal law related to domestic violence
  • Domestic violence victim-counselor privilege
  • Laws that protect the confidentiality of victim records and information
  • Societal attitudes toward domestic violence
  • Peer counseling techniques
  • Housing, public assistance and other financial resources available to meet the financial needs of domestic violence victims
  • Referral services available to domestic violence victims
  • Societal attitudes toward domestic violence
  • Cultural Competency
  • Teen dating violence education

Course Schedule:

July 8-12: MMC 40-Hour Training 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

July 13, 2024: 8-Hour Domestic Violence Batterers’ Intervention Group Facilitator Training
Must have completed 40-hours of domestic violence training and possess a Domestic Violence Counselor Certificate.

This training completes Batterers' Intervention Group Facilitator Certification (meeting PC 1203.098).

BIP Training will take place at the Marjaree Mason Center Administration Office located at 1600 M Street, Fresno, CA 93701 from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (one hour lunch).

Register Here

For more information, please email Jessica Sailor at JessicaS@mmcenter.org.

Community Outreach Presentations and Booths

The Marjaree Mason Center conducts hundreds of community training presentations every year. These presentations include general information about domestic violence, as well as what to do if you suspect someone you know is a victim. Many schools, day-care facilities, healthcare providers, and other agencies have received training.

If you would like to schedule a MMC presentation, please fill out this form, and a representative from the Marjaree Mason Center will be in touch with you.

Youth Education
Know More - Know Your Limits - No Abuse

The kNOw MORE® program currently works within five Fresno County school districts, providing domestic violence education and intervention to teens with the goal of educating youth on the devastating and long-lasting effects of abuse in teen relationships.

kNOw MORE was created as a forum for teens to speak to other teens, utilizing drama, music, real-life situations and statistics of abuse in teen relationships to demonstrate the seriousness of the problem. The primary audience of kNOw MORE presentations is high school-aged youth, however, we also do presentations for teachers, parents and other adults regarding teen dating violence and how to help if a teenager you know is facing this difficult issue. If you are interested in receiving a presentation, contact Jessica Sailor, Prevention and Education Manager, at or (559) 246-9587.

Life Transition Program

For questions or to get started in the programs below

Please call: (559) 226-1831 or email: bip@mmcenter.org

CHANGES: Batterers Intervention Program

The Batterers' Intervention Program is a 52-week online class for people post-conviction or referred by another agency in a domestic violence related situation. Pre-registration is required, self-referrals are not allowed.

CHOICES: Healthy Communication Program

Formerly called the Anger Management Program, this 12-week online class develops the tools and skills needed to manage conflict and maintain healthy relationships. Pre-registration is required, self-referrals are allowed.

Nurturing Parent Program

The Nurturing Parenting program is a 12-week online class that utilizes a successful Nurturing Parenting curriculum. Pre-registration is required, and self-referrals are allowed.

Phoenix Family Violence Intervention Program

A 26-week program that integrates accountability, responsibility, compassion, empathy, self-care, healthy communication, relationship building, anger management skills, and parenting without punishment. Self-referrals are allowed.

Teen Batterers Intervention Program

A 26 or 52-week online course for people post-conviction or referred by another agency in a domestic violence related situation. Pre-registration is required, self-referrals are not allowed.

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