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Explore this page to discover the many ways you can help us create a community free of domestic violence.

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Marjaree Mason Center!

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available within our organization, and it is with the support of volunteers that we are able to efficiently run the agency and affect the climate of domestic violence within Fresno County! MMC volunteers, through their contribution of skills, experience, talents and passion help to advance the Center’s mission to "support and empower adults and their children affected by domestic violence, while striving to prevent and end the cycle of abuse through education and advocacy."

Due to the nature of our agency, our volunteer application process is considerably involved and requires action on your part. The first step in becoming a volunteer is submitting an application, found here. We invite you to review our list of volunteer opportunities; this should help you while you fill out your application.  

In most cases we ask that all volunteers meet the following requirements: 

- No history of domestic violence or domestic violence history at least 2 years in the past 
- No felony charges for violent crimes
- Volunteer for a minimum of 2 hours per week for six months, unless you want to do a one-time project.

Depending on the type of position you do, additional volunteer requirements include

- Background check
- Drug Test
- TB Test
- 40 - Hour Domestic Violence Training ($100 fee) 




Volunteer Opportunities
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Administrative and Facilities Volunteers

The following volunteer placements require a completed application, brief interview and successful passing of a background check.


Working in our main office downtown or Batterer’s Intervention office performing office filing, data entry, organizing, mailing preparation, copying, sorting donations, etc.

Events and Fundraising 

Volunteering to help plan, organize, set-up and clean up special events. Working with our development team on existing fundraisers and events and create and carry out new fundraisers and events.

Community Outreach

Raising awareness about domestic violence and the services offered by MMC at community events such as health fairs, club meetings and in schools. Some domestic violence training required; contact volunteer coordinator.

Facilities Improvement

Gardening, painting, cleaning, repairing and fixing up our Safe Houses and administrative building.

Safe House Volunteers

The following placements may require 40-hour domestic violence training, a drug and tuberculosis test, and a background check.

Enrichment Center Assistance

Working with children in our Safe House. Helping with activities such as art projects, playing games, helping with homework and outdoor activities.

Hotline Assistance

Answer calls on our 24-hour hotline offering crisis intervention, safety planning, referrals, etc.


Interpret for our clients one-on-one or in support groups or classes. Spanish, Hmong, Punjabi and other languages needed.

General Assistance in Safe Houses

Helping our shelter staff with day-to-day operation of the emergency shelter including answering hotline calls, sorting donations and assisting clients.

Group Volunteering

The Marjaree Mason Center appreciates group volunteers to assist with various projects. Group projects might include: gardening, cleaning of Safe Houses, organization of storage areas, painting, hosting celebrations for clients and preparation of personal care packages.We are also always open to new ideas from volunteer groups.

If your group is interested in volunteering with our agency, please complete our Group Volunteer Application. An MMC staff memeber will contact you witin 2-3 business days. All group volunteer projects must be scheduled 3-4 weeks in advance. 

Internship Opportunities
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Marjaree Mason Center internships are offered for the following educational areas: Human Services, Social Work, MFT/MSW, Victimology, Criminology, and Child Services. All internships are unpaid. If your specific area of study is not mentioned above, please contact the Marjaree Mason Center Volunteer Coordinator at 559- 237-4086 to determine if your area of study is applicable to Marjaree Mason Center.

Internship Requirements


  • A volunteer application must be completed. Click here to download the application.
  • A copy of your resume must be submitted Click here to apply online
  • An interview with the Volunteer Coordinator is required following review of the application and resume. You will be contacted.
  • Successful passing of a background check (Live Scan), drug test and tuberculosis test.
  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain confidentiality.  


Interns working in the safe houses must complete 40-hour Domestic Violence Counselor Training

To receive the certificate:

  • Must work or volunteer for six months with a domestic violence service organization under the supervision of a Domestic Violence Counselor.
  • Volunteers, interns and trainees must work a minimum of four (4) hours a week during a six month period to ensure a thorough understanding of best practices, policies and procedures when working with victims of domestic violence.  

Time Commitment

A minimum of 150 hours throughout the entire semester, depending on the type of internship. May be required to work a variety of shifts including but not limited to: day, swing, and weekend shifts. Those seeking internships of 80 hours must commit to 6-8 hours a week for the duration of the semester.   


  • The agency pays for the training ($250) fees for interns if their commitment exceeds the 150 hours for shelter and 200 hours for counseling. The 40-hour Training does NOT count towards the hours required by MMC for internships.
  • For individuals seeking internships of less than 150 hours, the agency will pay $150 of the 40-hour Training and the remainder will be the responsibility of the intern (Testing is $86 and Training is $100). The 40-hour Training does NOT count toward the hours required by MMC for internships.
Frequently Asked Questions
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I have already been fingerprinted. Do I have to do it again?

Yes. When you have a Live Scan completed, there is a number generated that allows MMC to receive direct notification from the Department of Justice regarding arrest records.

I just had a TB test done. Can I provide those results instead of having another test?

TB test results will be accepted if the results are dated within 1 year of your first day of 40 hour training.

I have been court ordered to complete community service hours. Can I do that through the Marjaree Mason Center?

We do not accept volunteers who have court ordered community service hours to complete.

How many hours do I need to volunteer?

If volunteering at our safe houses, to receive your Domestic Violence Counselor Training certificate, you will need to complete 96 hours over a 6-month period of time; about 4 hours a week. If volunteering at our administration building, there is no required number of volunteer hours.

Can minors volunteer?

Because the agency does not require background checks for minors and because of the sensitive nature of the Marjaree Mason Center client services, minors are only allowed to volunteer on projects in the administrative building. Minors are not allowed to work in the safe houses. With the permission of the Volunteer Coordinator, minors are also allowed to organize collection drives and other off-site projects.

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